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Story by CPLTony Nardiello
A stir of excitement hits Rota. CPL Tony Nardiello shares the latest information about Forward Deployed Naval Forces.
Story by Cpl Tony Nardiello
Pilots have a lot of responsibility but thankfully they have help. Corporal Tony Nardiello shows us a critical part of a pilot’s support system.
Story by Petty Officer Michael Lantron
Squad leaders in the Marine Corps hold a great deal of responsibility when it comes to training, tactics, logistics, and leadership. Petty Officer Michael Lantron introduces us to one Marine who encompasses just that.
Story by Petty Officer Jordan Dalgardno
Training exercises can bring a unit of soldiers together. But when 4 men have to share a tiny space inside of a tank, the bond they share with each other, and their tank, is like family. SSgt John Archiquette takes us to Pabrade (Pah-Brah-Day) Lithuania, where soldiers are showing that team work with a live fire exercise.

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Expect the Unexpected
Raising the bar
Navy History
Navy History
Leadership familiarization
Gearing up for getting underway
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